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Consistent Productivity at SS

In today's era of self-help books and online "gurus", words like Consistent Productivity are overloaded & hacked, meaning different things to different people.

What enables Consistency according to us?

For us, Consistency means two things - Optimal (not maximal) and Sustainable. Also, Optimizing doesn't HAVE to mean compromising. Sustainability matters as nothing worth achieving comes without investing significant time & effort.

What is Optimal and why does it matter?

Extreme efficiency needs to go hand in hand with making progress on getting our results effectively ( with least effort). And at the SAME time, we ought to balance our overall Well-being (mental, emotional, social, physical, & financial).

What's Sustainability in this context?

It's a product of harboring an attitude that is truly practical & at least "good enough" if not excellent to get us to our results at the same time. We believe that there's a synergy between Sustainability and nurturing Rationally Optimistic ambitions.

Building CP from the bottom up

Inspired from Complete Coherence


Fitness & Types, Modern Sales Pitch for Exercise, Personalizing Diet & Myths, Microbiomes, Body Language, Fixing Posture, Personal Grooming & Fashion, Recuperation, Sleep Science & Hormones


Inner Work, Journaling & Self Reflection, Meditation & Mindfulness, Focus & Attaining Flow, Emotional Intelligence, Self Esteem & Identity, Personality Assessment, Persuasion, Influence & Charisma.


Organizational Tools, Addiction Science & Myths, Curation, Mindful Content Consumption, Misinformation & Fake News, Privacy Rights, Brain Plasticity, Attention, Learning & Memory Hacks.


Our Brain, Mental Models & Application, Cognitive Biases & Evolution, Using Philosophy & Ethics, Peer pressure & Mimetic Theory, System Dynamics, Networked Thinking, Writing First Drafts


Editing, Note Taking, Storytelling, Ramping Productivity, WillPower Management, Creativity as a Skill & Innovation, Speech's Toolbox & Negotiation, Psychology & Mental Health, Arguing Productively


Good Decision Making, Game Theory, Procrastination, Habits : Types & Customizing, Procrastination, Networking, Public Speaking & Expressions, Personal Finance, Career Choices, Multiplier Skills

Scarcity was an Ancient Struggle

"The modern struggle is really about individuals—disconnected from their tribe, religion and cultural networks—who are trying to stand up to all these addictions that have been weaponized" - Naval

Modern Consistent Productivity is Rare

We MIGHT be able to leverage the opportunities in the 21st Century but we DEFINITELY need to face the associated struggles which for the first time are too big to tackle all alone & too dangerous to ignore

Fighting Weaponized Addiction

Addictions let us engage in "fake play" & "fake work". Lone individuals today need to summon inhuman willpower & stand against armies of scientists & statisticians

Procrastination & Momentum

80% of college students & 20% of the adults are Chronic Procrastinators. With so many options, Analysis Paralysis routinely plague many of us as we try to break out of our rut

Motivation & Discipline

The "Attention" economy incentivizes increasingly short attention spans & easy distractions are putting immense stress on our naturally evolved executive functions

Ignorance & Contamination

We work & compete in global contexts with brains built to live in small communities. There's Widespread Ignorance about our facts & truths. Fake News & Ads don't help

Reductionism & High Noise

Societies seek consensus: 'simple enough' ideas evolving at the rate of slowest parts. Straw Manning, Opinions disguised as facts & Pseudo Science are having a field day

Exponential Progress & Careers

Young people today live in a delusional, taunting world with wild ambitions. Automation & the need to reinvent our careers every decade are further stressors

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Learning is best in phases - together

We cover every stage of the journey

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Training at SS

Join us as an Apprentices or a Community Builder. Learn skills through directly working with partners. Everything is laid out to make your learning efficient

Facilitation at SS

Join any of our POWER Modules or apply for our Fellowship. Patrons & anyone helping us build SS are also welcome to share skills as a Peer Facilitator

Curation at SS

Leverage our Link Library, Use our Personalized Productivity Baselining & Tracking, Curate for Watch Parties & Growth Circles or even create a Circle

Mediation at SS

Enjoy our Podcasts & other Content, Join us in Walk Ins & Safe Enough Spaces, Grow with Productivity Hackathons & Sharing Circle or Partner with us

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StangerSapiens in 2020, today & beyond

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Standing on the shoulders of Giants

"StangerSapiens" that inspire our learnings

Let's be Consistently Productive together :)

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Podcasts : Directly interact through Q&A with Sapiens who are Stranger than most

Sharing Circles : Periodically share 3 Ideas, 2 Quotes, 1 Ques & your Strangest recent feat

Watch Parties : Watch/Read insightful ideas together & have a memorable discussion

Safe Enough Spaces : WA & Discord have Dignity-safe Intellectually-challenging talks

Walk in Talks : Bond, Opine & Relate with others for growth & evolving your mindset

Live Classes : May the force of serendipity be with you in attending our various events

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Link Library : Get access to our curated & organized library built for efficient learning

Understand Yourself : Get our topic wise Questionnaires for comprehensive Self View

POWER modules : Join the highest ROI of the 7 module cohorts. Build the foundation

Mentorship : Find clarity & answers through easy access to expertise of other 'Strangers'

SS Content : Get our social content earlier. Exclusive access when topics are "too risky"

Fellowship: Complete POWER course / all 7 modules to become a StrangerSapien fellow

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Productivity Hackathons : Monthly sprints to work & get help on our side hustles/projects

Accountability Program : Help one another with Productivity by tracking daily progress

Growth Circles : Grow on Discord in 6 stack based groups. Share & execute to Level Up

Peer Facilitation : Share your relevant deep knowledge or skills with the SS community

Upskill & Help : Apprentices/ Volunteers get modern tools & directly help partners build

Networking : Have potentially life changing encounters with guests, facilitators or peers

Enable Yourself & Others

"Doing beats Watching, Action beats knowledge, Consistency beats the shit outta Everything"

Meet. Learn. Enable

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What people say they like about our Sessions

Feedback from POWER Batch 1 & Productivity Workshops

The consistency, and the aid it's providing for a mind shift towards accepting that self improvement should be positively accepted and inculcated into my daily thoughts.

@Aakarsh Rastogi

It was perfect. Nothing to not like about it. The way the things have been planned and explained was awesome.

@Kashyapa Chandra

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

The fact that on most days it gives me something to think about before going to bed. At least on some days, I like the rigour and the depth of the content.

@Vighnesh Hegde

Personally, this is helping me sift through efficiently (without wasting a lot of time/energy in getting lost beneath heaps of 'gyaan' out there) and reorganize basic knowledge while learning key first principles (which are easy to miss out otherwise).

@Abhishek Mehrotra

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

All slides are good. Covered very basic things which we usually ignore and it’s very vital in my point of view.

@Mayank Kumar

The presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain


We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Pranshu Agarwal

Chief Curator | Founding Partner

Pranshu Agarwal - BITS Pilani graduate in Chemical Engg. with a background in Operations and Tech consultancy | Editing experience @Tesla Daily podcast | Diverse interests and hobbies | CAT 2019 99.95%er

Moses Sam Paul

Community Builder | Founding Partner

Moses Sam Paul - Tech & Public Policy academically | Head of Growth @ QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, MadAboutGrowth communities Professionally|Author of Growth Engine Handbook | Research Fellow - Bharat Inclusion Initiative by IIM-A - 2020 working on Data Ownership & Gig Economy.

Naman Agarwal

Apprentice turned Editor

Naman Aggarwal - Pharmacy Student @ BITS Pilani | Editor of Growth Engine Handbook & @Stranger Sapiens | Experience in Operations | Sports Enthusiast | Movie Connoisseur

Aastha Kaushik

Video & Sound Editor

Akanksha Juyal

Curation Apprentice

Sahil K. Jangir

Info Design Apprentice

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