Actionable ideas for Competitive Execution (ACE)

2 Hours Workshop to help you build & execute a sustainable prep strategy to ACE Competitive exams such as CAT & UPSC

Stop Snoozing! Act .
Stop Planning! Execute .
Stop Suffering! Succeed .

How Will You Transform My Exam Prep?

1,000,000 Appear | 10,000 Plan Well | 1000 Succeed | Learn secrets you might not know -

Understand the Exam

Learn to Reverse Engineer the Anatomy of an Exam - components, scope of success, hours required for success, identifying best resources

Understand Yourself

Self Assessment Guide for Sustainable Prep Strategy - achievable targets, weak & strong areas, identifying mentors & efficiency losses

Tackle It Head On!

Optimize Execution & Efficiency With Study Science - best practices for SMART planning, building systems, habits & right accountability

Learn what Smart Study REALLY is

Make GOOD Results Inevitable & GREAT Results Probable

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Will I get anything TANGIBLE from this?

You might have come across dozens of Workshops or Videos. Most don't have concrete takeaways :

Actionable Take-Home Worksheets

We use tried & tested rules of thumb & HW exercises to help you break down your exam prep into various stages for SMART planning. We will give you templates & instructions too!

Curated Science Based Resources

Won't you agree that there are better & worse ways to study? We've spent 120+ hrs as a team to curate the tremendous research in this field by distilling this info & giving further resources.

Personalized Productivity Ramp Model

In simple words, it's a framework to take your DAILY efficiency from say 3/10 to 9/10 which is DEFINITELY required for ACEing competitive exams. Based firmly in Action & Practicality.

FAQs : "Is the Workshop Meant For Me?"

Understand if YOU would benefit :)

Feedback for the live versions of this Workshop

Keep in mind that these Workshops were 10x costlier than buying them now!

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. Looks like tested out techniques.

Clince Joshy

The session was great. I liked the content, it was condensed and to the point.

Shivam Mahendru

The session was good. The points are bang on. The Worksheet shared is amazing.

Abhishek Singh

All slides are good. Covered very basic things which we usually ignore and it’s very vital in my point of view.

Mayank Kumar

It was perfect. Nothing to not like about it. The way the things have been planned and explained was awesome.

Kashyapa Chandra

I liked the fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

Shalini Dinesh Kumar

Hear from Himanshi Dua about her experience

What do you REALLY have to lose (Rs 50)?

"Doing beats Watching, Action beats knowledge, Consistency beats the shit outta Everything"

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Standing on the shoulders of Giants

"StangerSapiens" that inspire our learnings

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