Shadow the best as you Upskill

What is Apprenticeship?

Definition: Someone who has agreed to work for a skilled person for a particular period of time and often for low/no payment, in order to learn that person's skills. Work & Mentorship is traded.
Anyone that crosses a certain bar of worth ethic & shared values can be an apprentice. You need not start out with any skill as we will be training you from scratch.

Who is this for?

Ideally, Someone starting out who have time to invest in themselves but no money to access quality mentorship & no experience to get a job which requires that skill.
Best for college students & young professionals. You'll be directly working with our partners & see our community grow while you contribute directly.

Editor / Writer

Work on our Newsletters, Social Content, Session Transcripts, Decks, Emails & more as we train you in this most useful life skill. Use modern tools like Otter.Ai

Info. Designer

Our ideas, data & concepts need compressing & elegance to make the most impact. Help us design information beautifully through powerful software

Researcher/ Curator

From POWER Sessions to Watch Parties, people who know how to leverage the internet become crucial for us. Learn the art of curation as you help us organize

Growth Marketer

What matters today for a brand is if they are able to reach the people who need them most. You will help us make that possible by using the skills we train you in

Video/ Sound Editor

A sound social presence & world class decks need world class editing to go with them. Help us make useful content captivating by learning from scratch

Get a Certificate with Proof of Work Built - In

Scanning the Code/ Clicking on the link will redirect to your Roam Page with Work Log

What Apprenticeship with us is like

Watch this quick rundown of what it's like here

It was a wonderful experience to work as a content curator as a part of the Stranger Sapiens community. During the course of my work, I gained a lot of insights about a variety of topics, like, philosophy, psychology etc. In addition to this, Pranshu also exposed the entire team to great content creators online and amazing sources of information. Weekly exchange of feedback also helped in nourishing the work culture since it made both sides of the team comfortable and clear about how things were going and what could be improved. Apart from professional skills, SS also connected me to like minded people who I am still in touch with.

@Rimjhim | Curator | Student @ BITS Pilani

I joined SS an an apprentice in October 2020 since then I have been a part of both the team and the power batch 1 . As a curator , I worked on the skills of searching , selecting , organising and adding value to the information relevant to the courses. It's been wonderful to be a part of team which strives towards improvement consistently . With regular feedbacks from chief curator Pranshu agarwal , I was able to learn this skill without any prior knowledge.

@Akanksha | Curator | Maths @DU | UPSC Aspirant

I really wanna thank Stranger Sapiens for giving me this opportunity. I joined here as an apprentice with no previous experience in the editing space and just wanted to learn as time progressed. Pranshu has been so helpful, patient and so accomodating from Day 1. He has had no problem in putting me first. Whether I made any mistake or did some unintentional blunders, he never went mad but always was supportive. Sam also played a crucial role in my journey at Stranger Sapiens by giving me the opportunity to edit his work - Growth Engine Handbook and also is a gem of a person to work with. I really thank Pranshu and Sam for getting me to this level and would lifelong be indebted to them.

@Naman | Editor | Student @ BITS Pilani

Things I liked were the dedication and commitment of the team, proper structure of the format as to how to build & always exploring and brainstorming to different things. Things learnt during this apprenticeship were building a brand from ground level, time management & Performing all the functions- marketing, distribution, research and networking. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it as 10/10 :) :)

@Ayushi | Growth Marketer | MBA (Marketing)

I joined SS with immense interest in designing and not someone who's best at it. During this period, I have read, learnt, and understood so much about this field through the various books (Information is Beautiful by David McCandless being my absolute favorite), courses plus the regular and critical/insightful feedback Sam and Pranshu bestowed upon us. Working for SS was more like training and developing myself in designing than just aligning two or three vector shapes side by side and making a template out of it (yeah, it's a design thing :P). I am grateful for all the experience and memories that SS has given me and the all-nighters that we pulled . Undoubtedly, everyone here is indeed a StrangerSapien ;-)

@Sahil | Info Designer | Student @ BITS Pilani

Coming from a different career background, this place gave me the chance to explore the skills which I was a complete beginner at. Apart from exploring my skills and becoming good at it, I find myself fortunate that I got a chance to meet different people with great vision. Sam has always been a great mentor who helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses at every path of my journey. Working with Pranshu was great too, I got a chance to learn different sound techniques and executing it with perfection from him. Plus we get the perks of community's sessions/workshops to set up our personal/professional development goals.

@Aastha | Video Editor | Content @OpenHouse332

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