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60 day framework you can adapt to your needs

Leverage Accountability from like-minded folks

Have you Ever ?

Felt like you're nowhere near your Best Version?

You know you CAN be much more - not for the world but for yourselves. Get started - FINALLY

Felt like a Loser cos all your New Year Resolutions are down the Drain?

Make any day the New Jan 1. Share the idea with your friends, form a group & you are ready to roll!

Felt like just Giving up?

You'll be surprised to find out how many of us are like you. You'll make even stronger bonds in the journey of personal growth.

Don't Worry - just follow this framework with your friends!

All we need is the right set of frameworks, people, and incentives (The Why). Conduct this challenge with your friends & grow together!

What are the Elements of the Personal Growth Challenge ?

“If you fulfill your obligations everyday you don't need to worry about the future.” - Jordan B. Peterson

Design your Day

Tim Ferris points out - Unless scheduled in your calendar, a balance between spiritual, creative, physical & professional isn't gonna to happen. Our templates will help you fix this & you're set.

Track and Share your Daily Progress

Fill the daily tracker template every day diligently and honestly to reflect on your progress as days go by. Share the same within the private groups to hold yourself and others accountable.

Be supported by the Community

The mind is Weak but the Tribe is Strong. You get an Accountability Partner, Weekly Check-ins and Breakout Sessions, Daily Reminders and Prompts, and Live Meditation sessions.

What people say they like about our Events

Feedback from Fellowship, Events & Workshops

The consistency, and the aid it's providing for a mind shift towards accepting that self improvement should be positively accepted and inculcated into my daily thoughts.

@Aakarsh Rastogi

It was perfect. Nothing to not like about it. The way the things have been planned and explained was awesome.

@Kashyapa Chandra

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

The fact that on most days it gives me something to think about before going to bed. At least on some days, I like the rigour and the depth of the content.

@Vighnesh Hegde

Personally, this is helping me sift through efficiently (without wasting a lot of time/energy in getting lost beneath heaps of 'gyaan' out there) and reorganize basic knowledge while learning key first principles (which are easy to miss out otherwise).

@Abhishek Mehrotra

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

All slides are good. Covered very basic things which we usually ignore and it’s very vital in my point of view.

@Mayank Kumar

The presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain

Community Guidelines : A Safe Enough Space

We believe in Dignity-safe but Intellectually-challenging Growth Environments


We believe this space is for challenging discussions to create opportunities to learn how to deal more openly with the tension, hostility, and emotionality that occur when confronting biases and prejudices. Participants are encouraged to give reasons for their arguments and conduct truly inclusive conversations.

No Ad-Hominem

Personal attacks on dignity or with malicious intents are of course not entertained. We believe in actively avoiding hostile situations, blanket politically incorrect statements & lashing out. When in doubt Clear Trigger Warnings are also encouraged.


We understand everybody has/should have boundaries & their unique communication style. This diversity gives room of misunderstanding & assumptions. Thus, we encourage bringing “seeds of confusions/ implicit assumptions” to the fore and address any misgivings or conflicts at the earliest.


This space is to reflect and analyze ideas, use tools & research with complex, critical thinking while encouraging deeper levels of analysis. Let's show personal support for fellow participants & stand by them during times of Transition and Growth.

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

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