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Extract peak efficiency during prep & peak performance during exams such as CAT & UPSC

3 Elements that Determine Exam Results

People with the best brains, books, buddies & mentors fail & fail often - How come?

Why : Is it Right for You ?

Why do you want to appear for this exam in the first place? Are you absolutely sure it's the best investment today? If not, you have a problem

What : Understand Challenges

What makes people quit or depressed or even hate such exams? What info about how we function as humans that can help us here?

How : Execute Consistently

Best planners often fail to execute. Why? How can we make progress in a sustainable & consistent way while staying true to our goals?

Why : Is it Right for You ?


  • The shocking biological underpinnings
  • The role of hormones & how they control
  • Motivation equation & other frameworks
  • Can we be addicted without knowing it?
  • Making environment conducive to long attention spans

What : Understand Challenges


How can you develop the emotional fortitude needed to ace such exams? How can you avoid the common mistakes in planning your prep & strategy? How can the running mate keep track of you best?


Get our Accountability Program templates so that your partner can have a clear view of your momentum on a daily basis. Access our 20 parameter model to gauge your chances of a satisfying exam result.

How : Execute Consistently


How can you ensure we can sit in your chair when it matters? How to build stamina for mocks & speed in preparation? How to maximize your study related abilities & environment when studying?


Get access to 2 weeks of daily morning sessions of Meditations + Breathwork with an experienced trainer Ajay. Enjoy & grow with like minded aspirants in Safe-Enough spaces & regular online meetups.

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We respect the need for concepts while remaining actionable. Have an experienced & relatable hand guide you gently in this journey :)

Leverage modern academic research & best practices

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What students like about our Courses

Feedback on our live Zoom Sessions & resources from previous courses (POWER)

The sessions are incredibly detailed and insightful with a focus on clarity and simplicity. It was not just lecturing coming from one person, there were a lot of engaging activities. And polls. A lot of polls. After understanding the whats, hows, where etc. of productivity, the Accountability Program put the learning into meaningful action.

@Manan Mehta

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

Personally, this is helng me sift through efficiently (without wasting a lot of time/energy in getting lost beneath heaps of 'gyaan' out there) and reorganize basic knowledge while learning key first principles (which are easy to miss out otherwise). The content, the order and structure of it, the facilitation - a lot of work has already gone into it as is clearly visible.

@Abhishek Mehrotra, Director @WaveMaker

The focus on shifting mindset, towards conscious incompetence, and eventually (unconcious) competence. Also the presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain

POWER was a life-altering expedition for myself, well placed and aligned within my endeavor to understand everything about how to live efficiently. Crossing boundaries of my expectations, it gave me well-researched insights into every facet of human existence, with a sense of immense practical utility that is hard to find anywhere. The team's combined hours of rigorousness outweighed everything I had known in the first few minutes of each session. It's a unique step towards a new world of pedagogy.

@Aakarsh Rastogi, Deep RL Reseatcher@Genpact

What made this course different is how it improves with each session by robustly working on the feedback & a wide range of content from renowned authors to research papers. It answers the what, why, and how to make the audience understand the need to inculcate a habit or bring a change for their well being. It doesn't just cover theoretical jargon but also provides daily life tools and goal setting questionnaires to make it a reality.

@Akanksha Juyal

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

This looks like a One Stop solution to my issues. Sign Me Up! 🔥

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FAQs : "Is the Course Meant For Me?"

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Pranshu Agarwal

Chief Curator | Founding Partner

Pranshu Agarwal - BITS Pilani graduate in Chemical Engg. with a background in Operations and Tech consultancy | Editing experience @Tesla Daily podcast | Diverse interests and hobbies | CAT 2019 99.95%er

Moses Sam Paul

Community Builder | Founding Partner

Moses Sam Paul - Tech & Public Policy academically | Head of Growth @ QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, MadAboutGrowth communities Professionally|Author of Growth Engine Handbook | Research Fellow - Bharat Inclusion Initiative by IIM-A - 2020 working on Data Ownership & Gig Economy.

Naman Agarwal

Apprentice turned Editor

Naman Aggarwal - Pharmacy Student @ BITS Pilani | Editor of Growth Engine Handbook & @Stranger Sapiens | Experience in Operations | Sports Enthusiast | Movie Connoisseur

Aastha Kaushik

Video & Sound Editor

Akanksha Juyal

Curation Apprentice

Sahil K. Jangir

Info Design Apprentice

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