Career Options in the
Post Pandemic Era (COPE)

Get tremendous confidence & clarity for a 10 year horizon through a guided, step by step, science backed & detailed approach!

Why should you consider COPE?

More Conviction at Work

People are cynical about even the best environments due to future uncertainties. Clarity on long term career planning will sooth any concerns of your if do fit in your present job.

Aiding Productivity & WellBeing

Lots of components include self reflection & assessing day to day behaviors. The insights about values, strengths etc can be directly applied for both increased efficiency & peace of mind.

Long Term Value Add & Optimizing

Unlike "feel good" exercises, such a session could permanently & significantly alter the life course of a person. Instead of regretting a road not taken 10 years later, we help you prepare for it today!

What are the Elements of the COPE offering?

Unearth your WHY

"You make choices or the world makes choices for you".
We will help you identify your quirks, appreciate your personal why & discover your individual identity through methodical tools.

Actionable Research at a click

You most likely are aware of the many nuanced problems when optimizing a career.
Not to mention the scarcity of practical & effective mentors, tools & research , especially condensed all in one place.

30 Day Worksheet

In multiple iterations spanning hundreds of hours, we have created a Day by Day version of the session.
This way, by giving an hour or so a day, anyone can get exponentially more clarity about future.

Quick montage from a couple past versions

Get a feel for the content, facilitation & style!

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

COPE Session Flow

What topics we will go through

The Why

Appreciating the importance of the topic, the scale of the issue, the scope of our session + Intros

  • The last 10 years & job market
  • How COVID has changed trends
  • Goals of the session, Disclaimers
  • Session Brief & Agenda
  • Introduction to Facilitators
  • The unique challenges today
  • Career Requirements of Gen Z

The What

Delving into the Identity aspect of careers, we will look at tools & frameworks to hone in on a fit

  • Our identity & its framework
  • The Warren Buffet Filter
  • The Gravestone & Odyssey plans
  • The ideal Ordinary Week
  • The big 5 Personality Model
  • 2*2 job Search framework
  • Other important Considerations

The How

Knowledge is Power but Execution is Result. We try to arm you with resources & tips to implement plans

  • Ikigai & the idea of the Zone
  • What the world needs -1
  • What are we good at? -2
  • What can we get paid for -3
  • What do we love to do? -4
  • Futures methodology Framework
  • Using the 30 day worksheet

Sneak peek at our 30 day Worksheet (1 of the handouts)

Past Feedback & Testimonials

Your content is A+, you have got an excellent pool of resources and have researched this area exceptionally well.

@Aarushi Singhania | MS in Education Policy, Harvard UNICEF Education & Policy Consultant

Unique , much needed and refreshingly relevant!

@Girish Devappa | One of the students at UpGrad

-There was no false hope given
-The speaker took examples which I could relate to
-Not the same old thing that if you work hard you succeed

@Aneesh Kiran | Community Member

4.55/5 Rating from 50+ attendees

@UpGard official feedback

Satisfied clients :)

Our brand collabs / partnerships

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

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