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This is not a question, but hi! :)

How did Stranger Sapiens start?

Moses Sam Paul has a long term vision based on an ecosystem of communities. And Stranger Sapiens was one of the communities he wanted to build to have like-minded people around. To learn more, check our "Journey" section.

What is the story behind the team?

Pranshu met Sam in mid 2020 through one of the other communities. Pranshu had things he had wanted to share for a long time and those were well received. Things fell into place and began moving fast. Soon, more people joined us to help in building the community and our flagship course (POWER). As we matured, we diversified our community offerings which you can access from the header of this website!

Where are we based out of?

The origins were in Bangalore but our team members are located in multiple states. As for the community and its activities, we are hosted in the cloud. You are very welcome to visit :) Feel free to Contact Us!

What are our personal reasons for building this community?

Speaking from personal experience, we strongly believe that there is a lot today's global citizen is naïve about. Schools and society have left it on us to figure out crucial stuff.
We wanted to help others grow in this journey of personal growth and enrich ourselves in this process. The cherry on top? - this way we could have other "Stranger Sapiens" around us as well.

What are focus areas and guiding beliefs for Stranger Sapiens?

We aim to help others reach Peak Wellbeing through Consistent Productivity. We can have a sense of wellbeing by becoming a full time meditator - but then we lose out on the 21st century offers.
Consistently Productivity is different from being maximally productive as it focuses on optimization and sustainability. Productivity should be accompanied by our holistic well-being even as we effectively move towards our goals. You can fully understand our mindset around this from our home page :)

Why do it all now?

There is overwhelming amounts of knowledge and noise out there. There is a pressing need for us, especially the younger generations, to fill gaps in our world views and unlearn any limiting beliefs. Today, for the first time, we have the resources to leverage this Golden age of Content.

The pandemic has accelerated the interest in personal growth and productivity. Learning is experiencing a paradigm shift with the dawn of a new age of online discourse and community building. And with rising demand, it's only a matter of time that someone else will do it in case we don't.

But can't I do all this on my own own?

Of course you can & if you really can do it nothing can stop you. We know this because that's how we rolled. But it's much better done together. How do we know this? Because that's precisely why we started out building this community.

Today, most of us will fail to coherently read / learn from personal growth related research papers and case studies in a coherent, efficient manner. Also the difference in making the prudent choice is often in the tiny margins of the Angel & Devil game we play in our heads.

We have put in ton of efforts to make this a "safe enough" space where learning can thrive with collective accountability. So that we can share best ideas & progress as we support the best in others - something one can't get doing it alone.

Why did we decide to build our flagship POWER course & other related modules?

A lot of neglected topics within personal growth need distillation, curation, and lots of time to successfully consume. We could not find a comprehensive and well-structured resource anywhere on the Web. So we decided to build it.
We aim to make it the most efficient and fastest way to practically get initiated with the topics. Having smoothened out the kinks with the first batch of fellowship in 2020, we were ready at a high level to diversify our offerings.
We decided to break it down into modules. These & our various offerings that stemmed from POWER can be accessed from the header!

What's this SAFE-ENOUGH space you mention?

Communities needing “safe enough” spaces is not saying that students need protection from argument or the discovery that they should change their minds. It is saying that students should be able to participate in argument and inquiry without the threat of harassment or intimidation. That basic sense is feeling “safe enough” to explore differences without fear and work toward positive outcomes courageously.

So how does SS create & promote a "Safe-Enough" space ?

Every community member understand the meaning of safe-enough spaces and agrees to abide by these Community Guidelines (more details here):
-Respect every community member and their Experiences (Inclusiveness)
-Learn through Peer learning and risk-taking in Growth Circles
-Reflect and Analyze ideas, Use tools & research with Complex, Critical Thinking
-Show support for fellow Community Members while Encouraging deeper levels of analysis
-Stand by fellow community members during times of Transition and Growth

What if I don't feel "Safe- enough" ?

If you don't feel safe within this community send a message through the Contact form here or at StrangerSapiens@gmail.com. Please don't hesitate to reach out below with anything else!

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Got any questions?

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