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Crafted to lay the foundation of your Consistent Productivity

A glance at the various parts of the Fellowship & how they tie in with the larger picture

Fellowship Features and Outcomes in 90 Days

We are striving to be the One Stop Shop to lay the foundation of your Consistent Productivity

High Efficiency

Get techniques to prioritize tasks and planning well. Understand the inner workings of our brains & emotions to beat procrastination, fix our habits & ramp up the hours we end up using well /day.

Holistic Well Being

Elevate your subjective experience in everyday life. Learn how to navigate social & financial relationships, effectively tackle negative feelings while ensuring a sound body & mind on the path to peace.

Goal Discovery

Understand the incentives & social signaling that are biasing you away from what is real, useful & true for you. Filter inefficiencies at the gates of thought, intent & action, & learn the art of focus.

Self Understanding

Learn about the characteristics, personality, preferences & values that drive you and your ambitions. Do a comprehensive SWOT analysis at every level through our curated questions.

Actionable Research

It's impractical to scroll through thousands of research papers, books & podcasts on one topic like sleep. So, we distill the content, boiling down the concepts to actionable first principles.

Shared Accountability

Log, organize & track your work, chores, etc to track REAL progress with a partner/ group. The difference between deciding to do the hard thing vs. the easy thing often comes down to a gentle pat on the back.

Not to mention....Tools , Tips & Tricks!

With our resounding focus on practicality, we make sure to equip you with these at every step

The Steps that make our Fellowship

Understand our process, why it makes sense & how it's structured

Bloom's Taxonomy

This framework for learning talks about having 6 essential steps for every topic & skill. Starting from the most foundational they are - Remember, Understand, Apply, Evaluate, Analyze & Create respectively.

Steps 1, 2 & 3

Through POWER (Productivity Optimization for Wellbeing with Effective Results), we aim to help you appreciate 25+ big topics, understand their fundamentals & guide how to best apply them.

Steps 4 & 5

We scour the web, books, tweets & podcasts to curate well crafted questions for every topic & sub topics in POWER. The aim? To equip you with Personal Baselines & methods to Evaluate progress.

The Final Step 6

Knowledge & ideas are only as good as their implementation. We aid you in coming up with SMART goals, tracking them efficiently & leveraging well wishing & like minded Accountability partners.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 - Remember, Understand, Apply

Capitalize on the accumulated knowledge of humanity so readily available today


Productivity Optimization
for Wellbeing with
Effective Results

31 Topics.
62 Sessions.
30-50 people.
Live On Zoom.

Pssst...We go much further beyond the Sessions!

Get pre-reading, detailed notes, link library, slide decks, personal portal, transcripts and more :)

The 31 sessions at a Glance

Comprehensive view of Consistent Productivity in the 21st century

Steps 4 & 5 - Analyze & Evaluate

THIS is where most people stop & most potential goes to die. Why not avoid this?

We give you "right" Questions

We painstakingly research relevant academic papers, government surveys & company studies to carefully distill questions for every sub topic with a singular question in mind - will answering them give one a clear & comprehensive picture when it comes to that particular topic?

You answer them "carefully"

Having a basic understanding from Steps 1,2 & 3 you should be able to appreciate the intent behind the questions. The images, instructions, options & context we provide should help. It takes inner work & patience to be deliberate & honest about the answers - also why it helps!

We track & tweak together

We try to keep the logging process efficient, elegant & easy to approach. With clear guidelines, columns & categories, you will be able to see where you stand at different levels of resolutions for all topics. Gain insights, work on weaknesses & track progress systematically :)

Why This Seems to Work - It Gives Us Meaning!

The idea is inspired by Professor Jordan B Peterson's legendary book Maps of Meaning

Where We Are

We are the story we tell ourselves, how others perceive us & our position in the various human hierarchies. No matter WHAT we do - we are playing some version of a "game" in society. First step in playing the game well (winning at life) is to have a deep, unbiased & nuanced understanding of the character - us.

Where We Are Going

Life not attended to or tackled with intention devolves quickly into "Chaos". We owe it to ourselves to get our story straight - decide our goals, virtues & ideals. Because that allows us to separate the relevant from the irrelevant & further bucket the relevant as tools or obstacles. It helps us get some "Order" in life.

How Do We Get There

What you will do here in Steps 4 & 5 is supposed to be a journey of self discovery & understanding. Once you know your baselines & your goals at various levels for every topic, it becomes possible to REALLY know your problems, weaknesses & TRUE motivations & desires. Then the efforts can be directed to the "right" priorities!

And Finally Step 6 - Create

This step is actually where the rubber meets the road - where we grow as a person.

Goal Setting & Accountability Program

Results are about Consistency, which is about Focus, which in turn is about saying "No"

1 - Goal Discovery

Once we know ourselves inside out & see where we stand across skill & habit levels, we can have a much sharper picture of our capabilities & loopholes. After doing the inner work required to answer questions from last steps, we can see our "true" goals emerge after a bit of prioritization. We hand hold you through this process with best practices & tools.

2 - Set up Systems & Accountability

There is no Consistency without a system in place that helps us log & track progress. Our templates, techniques & tips should ensure you find this part as easy as possible. But then we go further, we set up Accountability Partners based on goal similarity & compatibility. In the end, a pat on the back is often all the difference between us choosing the hard vs easy.

3 - Track Daily & Course Correct

By incorporating objective & subjective feedback, you should be able to iterate on your skills, goals, loopholes & habits every 2 weeks. To turbocharge this, we will add a "Daily Ransom" as an option which adds on money as an incentive. Any money we thus gain will be exclusively used to support anyone who is lagging behind by our members through aid & sprints!

The Rubber Meets the Road here in Step 6

Our Philosophy behind why this last step is absolutely crucial & how we aid you with it


"Well, I think I’ve been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I’ve underestimated it. And never a year passes but I get some surprise that pushes my limit a little farther." — Charlie Munger.

This quote outlines the rationale behind our Accountability Program - its "Power" (pun intended :P). It's tough to save us from ourselves, it's tough to make the right choices 'consistently', it's tough to avoid every weak moment.

If we are to fundamentally change our personality, habits and confidence levels for the better in 'any' length of time - we need all the help we can get. We use all the tools & biases available to work as big incentives.


After successful completion of POWER ,you will have a choice to enroll for our in house Accountability Program. It is designed to be 30 days of getting a helping hand without really relying on us to keep you in check.

You should have a goal draft by the end of the course based on self assessment and researched hand holding. It would have 2-5 high priority short to medium term goals you have set for yourself - worthy for a 30 day challenge!

The aim is to assimilate and internalize the learnings. You use one of the tracking methods from our course or custom ones you have developed. You can create your own system, daily goals and "worthy" deadlines.


We will have enough feedback mechanisms in place to assess whether you are on track. However, we won't be keeping a close enough eye or ask for definitive proof, so there is scope for deception. SELF deception that is.

The ones who drop out or quit early face the prospect of losing their ransom money and have nothing to show for it. More importantly, they will know their money will go towards helping others stay on track with their targets and goals.

We use the power of a community to encourage your best version to flourish. We will add on perks like Fellowship fee waivers, free community patronship tickets to make the pie of your "Consistent Productivity" even sweeter!

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What people say they like about our Sessions

Feedback from Cohort 1 of our Fellowship & Workshops

The consistency, and the aid it's providing for a mind shift towards accepting that self improvement should be positively accepted and inculcated into my daily thoughts.

@Aakarsh Rastogi

It was perfect. Nothing to not like about it. The way the things have been planned and explained was awesome.

@Kashyapa Chandra

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

The fact that on most days it gives me something to think about before going to bed. At least on some days, I like the rigour and the depth of the content.

@Vighnesh Hegde

Personally, this is helping me sift through efficiently (without wasting a lot of time/energy in getting lost beneath heaps of 'gyaan' out there) and reorganize basic knowledge while learning key first principles (which are easy to miss out otherwise).

@Abhishek Mehrotra

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

All slides are good. Covered very basic things which we usually ignore and it’s very vital in my point of view.

@Mayank Kumar

The presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain

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