Productivity Hackathon - Framework

A 48 hrs weekend sprint to beat Procrastination & Busy Traps

Why are we conducting this?

When we say Productivity, we mean efficiency, well being + results.
Often, we tend to procrastinate on the most important things : our health, a side hustle, reading that book, starting physical exercise - these things have no deadline & there is no "good time" to start.
Thus, it's easy to fool ourselves into believing that we are too "busy" for it (the busy trap) or just forget it altogether.

What is this & who is it for?

A Productivity Hackathon is meant to be the solution for this endless cycle. By sharing our goals, we get precious accountability. Also, we might be able to fetch actionable advice, get access to useful tools & maybe even benefit from the networks of others.
Our job is to give you a "safe - enough" space to Get Shit Done this weekend. If you have some long standing tasks you have been procrastinating on, this is for you!

The Process

Copy it & see results :)

Check out this & see if this is for you. Share with those you think will find it helpful!

Create a group on Discord, WA, Telegram so that you guys have dedicated space

You cab add money, treats or incentives on the line to make it more exciting!

Get prepared for a 48 hr sprint, remove all common distractions & fix targets

Hit start! Follow the floe below & the compare progress at end of 48hrs!

You can conduct this in your group for free!

Just follow our model & be true to the process :)

Understand how the Hackathon process works

Feel free to ignore the dates & the like from the poster below :)

Setting "worthy", Achievable Goals

Productivity is optimizing our Efficiency, Well Being & Results

You can conduct this in your group for free!

Just follow our model & be true to the process :)

Got any questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!