Our Identity

This is what we stand for & stand against as a Community. Read on to learn about our guiding principles, community guidelines, logo & more!

Consistent Productivity at SS

In today's era of self-help books and online "gurus", words like Consistent Productivity are overloaded & hacked, meaning different things to different people.

What enables Consistency according to us?

For us, Consistency means two things - Optimal (not maximal) and Sustainable. Also, Optimizing doesn't HAVE to mean compromising. Sustainability matters as nothing worth achieving comes without investing significant time & effort.

What is Optimal and why does it matter?

Extreme efficiency needs to go hand in hand with making progress on getting our results effectively ( with least effort). And at the SAME time, we ought to balance our overall Well-being (mental, emotional, social, physical, & financial).

What's Sustainability in this context?

It's a product of harboring an attitude that is truly practical & at least "good enough" if not excellent to get us to our results at the same time. We believe that there's a synergy between Sustainability and nurturing Rationally Optimistic ambitions.

The Story of our Logo

This is to share our philosophy behind the decisions for the logo. It is arguably the single most important piece of identity for any brand.


We wanted the logo to capture the essence of the OTHER "arguably most important part of any brand's identity" - the name. The 2 Ss here stand for - you know it.

Symmetry & Colors

Humans are tuned to notice patterns. Symmetry is naturally pleasing to look at. We have a set of colors and fonts specific to us. And our logo features them.

The "Strange" Wings

We have used the negative space of the 2 Ss to represent wings. We all know of mythical stories of "strange humans" that can fly. Here, we aspire to be "strange"!

Our 3 Core Tenets

This is about our guiding stars, the principles that lie at the heart of the way we think, share & build. Together, they form our "moral compass".

Growth Mindset (as opposed to fixed)

A conservationist looks at the same forest differently than a biologist or a lumberjack - it depends in their "mindset" (most internalized, default lenses for personal world view). Having a Growth Mindset is easy : reclaiming/ protecting the child in us.

Rational (Cautious) Optimism

Modern society is way too safe, more comfortable & "livable" to allow our "one misstep & death" biology to lead us. There's a fine line between courage & foolhardiness. If Optimism should be the staple of life, Rationality must be the spice.

Cutting Edge Research & Tools

We live in the Golden age of content where for perhaps the only time in history, we have direct access without paywalls/ jumping hoops. It coincides with maturity of tools for just everything even as we approach fundamental "truths".

StangerSapiens in 2020, today & beyond

Watch this to get quick walkthrough of our budding community

Community Guidelines : A Safe Enough Space

We believe in Dignity-safe but Intellectually-challenging Growth Environments


We believe this space is for challenging discussions to create opportunities to learn how to deal more openly with the tension, hostility, and emotionality that occur when confronting biases and prejudices. Participants are encouraged to give reasons for their arguments and conduct truly inclusive conversations.

No Ad-Hominem

Personal attacks on dignity or with malicious intents are of course not entertained. We believe in actively avoiding hostile situations, blanket politically incorrect statements & lashing out. When in doubt Clear Trigger Warnings are also encouraged.


We understand everybody has/should have boundaries & their unique communication style. This diversity gives room of misunderstanding & assumptions. Thus, we encourage bringing “seeds of confusions/ implicit assumptions” to the fore and address any misgivings or conflicts at the earliest.


This space is to reflect and analyze ideas, use tools & research with complex, critical thinking while encouraging deeper levels of analysis. Let's show personal support for fellow participants & stand by them during times of Transition and Growth.

"Doing beats Watching, Action beats knowledge, Consistency beats the shit outta Everything"

Meet. Learn. Enable.

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

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