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In what capacities can I join the Club in & what are the respective joining fees?

Join as a Member (Free now, 1$/mo. later), Patron (3$/mo. | 30$/yr) or Volunteer (2hrs work/day).
You can also apply to be an Apprentice (2hrs work/day), Partner (Investing in us for equity) or Become a SS Fellow (100$).
Details for all of their perks & nuances can be found in the cards below.

Is there something else I should know that can benefit my decision process?

The first 250 people to join will get membership for free with a 1$/mo. fees after that. For Application based roles, there are additional criteria to be met apart from just the monetary fees/ labor.

What's the difference between Apprenticeship & Community Building?

In our vocabulary, anyone that crosses a certain bar of worth ethic & shared values can be an apprentice. They need not start out with any skill as we will be training them from scratch. That will mean a bit more responsibility as compared to Community Builders who are skilled enough to contribute with minimal support. The latter will in turn learn about the Art & Science of Community Building through enriching SS.

Are there are caveats/ terms to keep in mind?

Apprenticeships need to last for 2+ months to make it worth it for us. A Partner will need to be vetted by 6 months of working together to earn investing rights. Fellowships are granted on meeting some standards.

Choose the track to become Consistently Productive

We have a gamified model of learning with a Level Up format

The 5 Levels

We have 5 Levels when it comes to CP. (Stranger, Pilgrim, Sapien, Performer & StrangerSapien). The first 4 correspond to 4 stages above, the last being someone with Extreme Competence at CP

The 6 Stacks

Inspired from work by Dr. Alan Watkins, our comprehensive approach is structured thoughtfully. Complete coherence is the confluence of all 6 human stacks : Physiological, Energy, Experience, Thinking, Behavior and Performance. We structure our learning paths around this

The 3 Paths to becoming a StrangerSapien

We have 3 tiers depending on your time investment & commitment levels

The Gates for the Community Open Soon

We will operate on a First Come First Serve Model so grab your place now!

Free Membership for 1st 250 people

We want to reward those who put faith in us initially even as we are just laying the foundations. The fees will update to 1$/mo. or 10$/yr. for Members who join later on

Only 100 Patrons/ mo. will be let in

Our processes & events will be optimized for this no. It allows us to evenly spread out both influx of people & revenue while ensuring we meet standards we have set

Limited Apprentices/ Volunteers

The needs for Apprentices & Community Builders (aka Volunteers) are constantly evolving. But, there are only limited seats open at any point. Don't wait if interested!

Let's learn what society won't teach - Together

Comprehensive, Curated & Cost- Effective - Join Us!

YearlyGet 2 months Free


Be part of our budding community : Meet & Learn with fellow members

FREE/(for 1st 250 people)
FREE(for 1st 250 people)
  • Quarterly Newsletter & Updates
  • Access to Personal Growth Circles
  • Early Access to SS Module Cohorts
  • SS Live Podcasts with Q & A
  • Early/ Exclusive Access to Content
  • Discount Codes for SS Fellowship
  • 'Safe Enough' WA, Discord Access
Welcome! Tell us about yourself :)Welcome! Tell us about yourself :)


Includes EVERYTHING in the Member Tier plus more . 100 People/ mo.

  • Monthly Productivity Hackathons
  • In House Accountability Program
  • Our Curated Content Link Library
  • CP Tips & Feats Sharing Circle
  • Watch Parties with Discussion
  • Weekly Stimulating Walk In Talks
  • Skill Sharing as a Peer Facilitator
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Community Builder

Learn the Art & Science of building Communities as you help build SS

  • All Patron benefits for Free
  • 1 Free Patronship to Gift friends
  • Access to modern paid tools like Roam Research that we use at SS
  • Learning Community Building skills through work with Partners
  • Access to Beta features & Private Channels before a Patron rollout
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Got time, but no money? This is for you! Upskill as you help us build SS

  • Everything in the Patron Tier Free
  • Everything for Community Builder
  • Get Upskilled by shadowing the best while taking work ownership
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Join Us at SS if you are Consistently Productive & good at building/selling

  • *Equity in SS after 6 Months of Vetting & Collaboration with us
  • *7 days of Onboarding after our Virtues Alignment Workshop
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Join & Finish the next cohort of our full fledged POWER program

  • 31 Comprehensive Sessions for CP + Slides, Transcripts & Link Library
  • Personal Baselining & Evaluation
  • Goal Setting & Accountability Prog
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We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Pranshu Agarwal

Chief Curator | Founding Partner

Pranshu Agarwal - BITS Pilani graduate in Chemical Engg. with a background in Operations and Tech consultancy | Editing experience @Tesla Daily podcast | Diverse interests and hobbies | CAT 2019 99.95%er

Moses Sam Paul

Community Builder | Founding Partner

Moses Sam Paul - Tech & Public Policy academically | Head of Growth @ QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, MadAboutGrowth communities Professionally|Author of Growth Engine Handbook | Research Fellow - Bharat Inclusion Initiative by IIM-A - 2020 working on Data Ownership & Gig Economy.

Naman Agarwal

Apprentice turned Editor

Naman Aggarwal - Pharmacy Student @ BITS Pilani | Editor of Growth Engine Handbook & @Stranger Sapiens | Experience in Operations | Sports Enthusiast | Movie Connoisseur

Aastha Kaushik

Video & Sound Editor

Akanksha Juyal

Curation Apprentice

Sahil K. Jangir

Info Design Apprentice

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