Our Journey

Our Initiation, Our Mission, Our Pivot & Our Evolution


We are a group of young Indians building a community we wanted for ourselves. It has been frustrating to see our current education systems fail us so heavily when it comes to life skills for the 21st century. A Growth Mindset, Cutting edge Research& Tools and Rational Optimism - 3 of our personal tenets- are all but absent from most public discourse and professional training.

The community StrangerSapiens was originally formulated to know and meet people who interested us, shared our tenets and the quest for a relevant self education. The idea for us was to meet, understand and then hopefully practice useful concepts & ideas from them . And in doing so, we also shared it with the world in the form of podcast episodes and blog posts.

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The personal goals have always been clear - we wanted to manifest our talent and strengths in a sustainable and exponentially scalable manner. Sacrificing relationships, health, mental peace and stability while doing this was clearly not the way to go though. What we missed was a "top of the hill" view of our issues and qualities. And a way to measure our progress, get feedback and iterate quick - systematically.

There are hundreds of books, podcasts and videos on every sub topic, especially with proliferation of the "self help" movement. Too much info, too much noise, too much fluff, too much bluff and too much time. Too little structure, too little retention, too little actionable advice, too little results and too little changes. The Pandemic threw a spanner in the works in our paths initially, but was also instrumental in making us what we are today - A Community of Consistently Productive Sapiens

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We had watched, saved, shared and read enough. It was now time to crystallize our learnings, implement ideas and actually use the tools. And attaining our goals while doing it systematically meant that we needed a framework and a method to the madness. A method that applies to everyone and yet can be personalized. We knew we had a ways to go but also that we knew "enough". We wanted to become

We then realized that there is another way to meet people who share our interests - the people who would want to take such a journey together instead of finding those who are at the destination. We decided it's the Growth Mindset that counts. That's when we arrived at the decision to build a community - an idea that one of the partners (Sam) was also working on in 2020 under the Bharat Inclusion Research Foundation (BIRF) with the Government of India.

Modeling the Wellbeing of a Modern Individual

(Re) Birth

It was mid 2020 that we decided to pivot to the community model. We finally chose to build it as Peak Wellbeing through "Consistent Productivity". This term is admittedly overloaded & we don't mean efficiency (how many hrs in a day you used well) when we say Productivity. Our Mindset around what this means is detailed in the home page.

We redid our logo, our website & our social media accounts. We took on apprentices to help us as we launched our first workshop in the last week of August 2020. We have launched courses such as POWER & COMPETE, along with multiple workshops both in the community & with B2B partners. You can find (& access) all of them from the header :)

Our Vision :
"To be a community that helps individuals not only find & define their Peak Wellbeing but also pursue and reach it through Consistent Productivity"

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕


We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Pranshu Agarwal

Chief Curator | Founding Partner

Pranshu Agarwal - BITS Pilani graduate in Chemical Engg. with a background in Operations and Tech consultancy | Editing experience @Tesla Daily podcast | Diverse interests and hobbies | CAT 2019 99.95%er

Moses Sam Paul

Community Builder | Founding Partner

Moses Sam Paul - Tech & Public Policy academically | Head of Growth @ QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, MadAboutGrowth communities Professionally|Author of Growth Engine Handbook | Research Fellow - Bharat Inclusion Initiative by IIM-A - 2020 working on Data Ownership & Gig Economy.

Naman Agarwal

Apprentice turned Editor

Naman Aggarwal - Pharmacy Student @ BITS Pilani | Editor of Growth Engine Handbook & @Stranger Sapiens | Experience in Operations | Sports Enthusiast | Movie Connoisseur

Aastha Kaushik

Video & Sound Editor

Akanksha Juyal


Sahil K. Jangir

Info Designer

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