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You definitely know there's a lot society & schools today don't teach or don't know how to. From updated ideas about career choices to personal finance, we got you covered.

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Unlearn cultural biases, explore deep ideas & more that prepare your for opportunities that are opening up for the first time in history due to an accelerating global arbitrage.

Get Real-World Ready

It's a cliché but it's true. From creative thinking & writing to public speaking & fitness, there's a lot adulthood demands. Avoid pitfalls with practical & world class advice.

Avoid Noise & Charlatans

The Personal Growth is jam packed with fake gurus & diluted, unreliable BS disguised as helpful secrets. Our approach of research, relevance & reductionism is a counter.

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Your social circles might not breed deep, intellectual conversations, discuss non-fiction books or share stimulating Twitter threads. Find a like minded community with us.

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Consistent Productivity at SS

In today's era of self-help books and online "gurus", words like Consistent Productivity are overloaded & hacked, meaning different things to different people.

What enables Consistency according to us?

For us, Consistency means two things - Optimal (not maximal) and Sustainable. Also, Optimizing doesn't HAVE to mean compromising. Sustainability matters as nothing worth achieving comes without investing significant time & effort.

What is Optimal and why does it matter?

Extreme efficiency needs to go hand in hand with making progress on getting our results effectively ( with least effort). And at the SAME time, we ought to balance our overall Well-being (mental, emotional, social, physical, & financial).

What's Sustainability in this context?

It's a product of harboring an attitude that is truly practical & at least "good enough" if not excellent to get us to our results at the same time. We believe that there's a synergy between Sustainability and nurturing Rationally Optimistic ambitions.

What students say they like about SS

Feedback on our live Zoom Sessions from POWER & Workshops

There is a lot to take from the Stranger Sapiens course. Time is an investment, and I am glad I invested my time trying to understand how to be more productive. The sessions are incredibly detailed and insightful with a focus on clarity and simplicity. It was not just lecturing coming from one person, there were a lot of engaging activities. And polls. A lot of polls. After understanding the whats, hows, where etc. of productivity, the Accountability Program put the learning into meaningful action. Having a detailed plan helped me to get more things done. Overall I found going through Stranger Sapiens to be worthwhile and have considerably improved myself in a lot of aspects.

@Manan Mehta

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

What made this course different is how it improves with each session by robustly working on the feedback & a wide range of content from renowned authors to research papers. It answers the what, why, and how to make the audience understand the need to inculcate a habit or bring a change for their well being. I attended it regularly and found it to be a one stop solution to all the Productivity related information overload. It doesn't just cover theoretical jargon but also provides daily life tools and goal setting questionnaires to make it a reality . The course is a journey from overall well being to productivity & goal setting to move from thoughts to action. The sessions are not just a series of lectures but an interconnected system for holistic development.

@Akanksha Juyal

The focus on shifting mindset, towards conscious incompetence, and eventually (unconcious) competence. Also the presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

Community Guidelines : A Safe Enough Space

We believe in Dignity-safe but Intellectually-challenging Growth Environments


We believe this space is for challenging discussions to create opportunities to learn how to deal more openly with the tension, hostility, and emotionality that occur when confronting biases and prejudices. Participants are encouraged to give reasons for their arguments and conduct truly inclusive conversations.

No Ad-Hominem

Personal attacks on dignity or with malicious intents are of course not entertained. We believe in actively avoiding hostile situations, blanket politically incorrect statements & lashing out. When in doubt Clear Trigger Warnings are also encouraged.


We understand everybody has/should have boundaries & their unique communication style. This diversity gives room of misunderstanding & assumptions. Thus, we encourage bringing “seeds of confusions/ implicit assumptions” to the fore and address any misgivings or conflicts at the earliest.


This space is to reflect and analyze ideas, use tools & research with complex, critical thinking while encouraging deeper levels of analysis. Let's show personal support for fellow participants & stand by them during times of Transition and Growth.

Let's tackle what's been bugging you - Together

Meet, Learn & Enable (yourself & others) at SS

Weed out Complacency, Inaction & Nourish your Spark

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Podcasts : Directly interact through Q&A with Sapiens who are Stranger than most

Sharing Circles : Periodically share 3 Ideas, 2 Quotes, 1 Ques & your Strangest recent feat

Watch Parties : Watch/Read insightful ideas together & have a memorable discussion

Safe Enough Spaces : WA & Discord have Dignity-safe Intellectually-challenging talks

Walk in Talks : Bond, Opine & Relate with others for growth & evolving your mindset

Live Classes : May the force of serendipity be with you in attending our various events

Meet other StarngerSapiens


Link Library : Get access to our curated & organized library built for efficient learning

Understand Yourself : Get our topic wise Questionnaires for comprehensive Self View

POWER modules : Join the highest ROI of the 7 module cohorts. Build the foundation

Mentorship : Find clarity & answers through easy access to expertise of other 'Strangers'

SS Content : Get our social content earlier. Exclusive access when topics are "too risky"

Fellowship: Complete POWER course / all 7 modules to become a StrangerSapien fellow

Learn with StrangerSapiens


Productivity Hackathons : Monthly sprints to work & get help on our side hustles/projects

Accountability Program : Help one another with Productivity by tracking daily progress

Growth Circles : Grow on Discord in 6 stack based groups. Share & execute to Level Up

Peer Facilitation : Share your relevant deep knowledge or skills with the SS community

Upskill & Help : Apprentices/ Volunteers get modern tools & directly help partners build

Networking : Have potentially life changing encounters with guests, facilitators or peers

Enable Yourself & Others

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

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