Optimize Working From Home

The pandemic has permanently changed the dynamics of work. In a services heavy economy like India, many people will be Working From Home

The Problems We Seek to Address

We strive to help you SYSTEMATICALLY solve your WFH issues

Manage Expectations

Our jobs & work regularly demand more than just technical skills, especially for accelerated progress. Without face to face interactions & boundaries blurred, it is a crucial skill to manage expectations

Tackle Quarter/Mid Life Crisis

Many young people are talking about being directionless & helpless on alarming scales esp after the tectonic shifts in all industries post the pandemic. We help you find a focus, navigate career & more

Become a Global Citizen

Unlearn cultural biases, explore fresh ideas & more that prepare your for opportunities that are opening up for the first time in history due to an accelerating global arbitrage - work is now global

Avoid Noise & Charlatans

The Personal Growth space is jam packed with fake gurus & diluted, unreliable BS disguised as helpful secrets. Our approach of research, relevance & reductionism is a counter to all the noise & surface level tips

Know & Lead Yourself to Action

Certain levels of ambition & success necessitate Self Leadership. At home, we lose the incentives & boundaries to take action. Know how to unlearn, evolve & lead yourself to make things happen

Break out of your Rut

20% adults are Chronic Procrastinators. Analysis - Paralysis & losing the "Spark" are the real pandemics. Being at home is hard. Find a dedicated community that will support your side hustle & more.

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Weed out Complacency, Inaction & Nourish your Spark

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Getting Things Done in Work From Home

  • GTD Framework & applying it at home
  • Principles & Frameworks relevant to WFH
  • Systems for planning at execution
  • Exercise on what holds you back/ makes you tick
  • General tips , myths & pitfalls
Meet other StarngerSapiens

Home Productivity Setup in WFH

  • Best Phone Apps to track phone usage, tasks & more
  • Desktop apps, tools & websites to manage life & work
  • Ergonomics' basics & the importance of posture
  • Level wise Hardware to greatly enhance comfort
  • Hidden settings, unusual tips & more setups ideas
Learn with StrangerSapiens

Mindfulness, Time & Energy Management

  • Energy vs Time Management + Golden rules for managing our day
  • 5 types of energy sources/ drains & Overarching Philosophy
  • Mindfulness vs Self Reflection vs Meditation
  • The Emotion wheel & myths about emotions
  • OCEAN model, Energy audit & Social energy management
Enable Yourself & Others

Work Life Balance & Productive Wellbeing

  • What is well-being & what is its effect on productivity?
  • Are the concepts of Work life Balance & routine still applicable?
  • What is "meaning", "ideology" & why do they matter?
  • Scheduling, Goal setting & the daily/ weekly planner
  • Responsibility & Productive Wellbeing in the 21st century

This Sounds like my Cup of Tea! ☕

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What students say they like about SS

Feedback on our live Zoom Sessions from POWER & Workshops

There is a lot to take from the Stranger Sapiens course. Time is an investment, and I am glad I invested my time trying to understand how to be more productive. The sessions are incredibly detailed and insightful with a focus on clarity and simplicity. It was not just lecturing coming from one person, there were a lot of engaging activities. And polls. A lot of polls. After understanding the whats, hows, where etc. of productivity, the Accountability Program put the learning into meaningful action. Having a detailed plan helped me to get more things done. Overall I found going through Stranger Sapiens to be worthwhile and have considerably improved myself in a lot of aspects.

@Manan Mehta

Lots of content and a birds-eye view on most topics. They look like tested out techniques.

@Clince Joshy

The fact that all the concepts and strategies were relatable which makes me feel I am into the right thing.

@Shalini Dinesh Kumar

What made this course different is how it improves with each session by robustly working on the feedback & a wide range of content from renowned authors to research papers. It answers the what, why, and how to make the audience understand the need to inculcate a habit or bring a change for their well being. I attended it regularly and found it to be a one stop solution to all the Productivity related information overload. It doesn't just cover theoretical jargon but also provides daily life tools and goal setting questionnaires to make it a reality . The course is a journey from overall well being to productivity & goal setting to move from thoughts to action. The sessions are not just a series of lectures but an interconnected system for holistic development.

@Akanksha Juyal

The focus on shifting mindset, towards conscious incompetence, and eventually (unconcious) competence. Also the presenter, presentation and immense work put in by the team for curating the content.

@Abhinav Jain

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

"StangerSapiens" that inspire our learnings

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